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"You were an Indian Motorcycle fan period. And whatever Indian had was the best. And Harley of course, they were made out of tin over in a Milwaukee conveyer factory. The rivalry between the two got to the point where Indian riders didnít even talk to Harley riders. It was crazy."

Butch Baerís first ride on an Indian motorcycle was at the tender age of a couple days old. His father, Fritzie Baer, brought his wife and newborn children to and from the hospital in their 1923 Indian Chief with Princess side car. Fritzie Baer ran the factory dealership and started the Fritzieís Roamers Motorcycle Club (an Indian-only club) before moving on to promoting and organizing motorcycle races in New Hampshire. Growing up around legendary Indian racers Jimmy Hill, Ed Kretz, Frenchy & Woodsie Castonguay; Butch Baer found the draw of racing too tempting to pass up. Before marrying, Butch traveled the country, racing for the Company. He put aside racing to raise a family, only to return many years later to race vintage bikes. He still restores his own bikes and rides them whenever he can.

Butch, Fritzie, and Louise Baer, 1923

Fritzie's Roamers Motorcycle Club in front of Springfield City Hall

Butch Baer racing a vintage Indian


   The creation of "THE BAER FAMILY LIBRARY", the printing of "A Century of Motorcycling" Volumes I & II, and the development of ACOM Publishing Inc.

   When Butch's Dad, Fritzie Baer passed away, he had left a large collection of his motorcycle memorabilia in a very large cardboard box. There were photos, newspaper articles, letters, Indian factory memos, pins, ribbons, and Western Union telegrams. Butch's brother Tom Baer spent a year organizing them into six large note books for the family. Butch took this and was planning to make a book for everyone on our large extended family. After he was a ways into the book, he realized he had a great story for the motorcycle public. The story was so long, that it grew to about 300 pages and soon he had completed the 2 volumes of "A Century of Motorcycling". So this is how it all got started.

   Butch Baer created the Baer Family Library from Fritzie's scrap books and his own collection of Indian paperwork and memorabilia gathered at swap meets around the nation over the last few decades, This collection was used in the creation of the two volumes of  "A Century of Motorcycling". After we took our books to a local publisher for printing, for a limited production of 1500 Copies of each. We found that the publisher ended up with all our money and we had a garage full of books to sell. So don't hesitate on Volume I & II, we have already sold over half of them. They will become true collector item. The first century of motorcycling was the coolest and it will never happen again.

   Well Butch had more Indian Motorcycle books in mind, So this time we were going to do it on our own. We purchased some computers, a large scanner, and a big Xerox digital printer to print our pages on. Then we made and purchased some book binding equipment. This is when we created ACOM Publishing. Now we produce our own beautiful hardcover books in house. Kind of like a "Books on Demand" set up. We do not have to print a large number of books at a time, we can print one, ten or thousands of copies at a time. We now keep about 30 copies if each book in stock and if we need more, we just run a batch of what we need.

Butch has now 10 historical Indian Motocycle books finished. We travel to the AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) meets and other motorcycle rallies as a vendor, selling our books and a line of 48 Indian Motocycle posters. Sales through our website have taken our books all around the world, just recently we filled book orders for Indian enthusiast in Germany, Sweden and Western Australia.

Tim with a stack of finished books. Rick & Tim working on a new project.

   So if you are thinking about writing your own book, we are now setup to help you out. We just recently did a book for a local author on the history of the Springfield Police Department. Now he keeps 20 books on hand for sale and with a days notice we can restock him with what ever he needs.


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