The Indian 101 Scout “Repair & Overhaul Manual” is copyrighted by “The 101 Association, Inc.” Also known as the “Shop Manual” it is designed to be used  on the workbench.  No manual of this type was ever produced by the Indian company.  Many  years ago the membership of “The 101 Association, Inc.” took up the task of producing such a manual.  Page by page, year after year,  it slowly become a reality.

The manual is divided into fifty sections, basically the same way the Indian Parts Books are divided.  Many persons submitted information, sketches, drawings and memories of hands on experiences with the Indian 101 Scout when it was in general use.

By the year 2000 and the 17th year of our association, every section of the manual had been addressed, with 250 pages in print. Since that time “Tech Tips” have been produced adding more information to the manual. As of 2010 there are now Fourteen of these “Tech Tips” which are included as an extra folder with each manual shipped. Association members get new “Tech Tips” with each issue of the “WOW.” Non-members may order these “Tech Tips” at any time. Also, soiled or missing pages may be ordered at any time. Membership in The 101 Association, Inc. is not required to purchase or update your manual although this is certainly recommended.


United States $95.00

Canada $98.00

Western Hemisphere $101.00
(except Canada & Mexico).

Mexico $103.00

Europe $106.00

Asia & Africa $112.00

Pacific Rim $114.00

 Costs listed are in U.S. funds 
and include shipping by air


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