SERVICE SHOTS ( 8-1/2 by 11 inches with 354 pages starting with #1, September 1, 1927 through #219,November 1, 1948) (There are only 6 missing, however some of these missing numbers may never have been issued as the Indian factory did mess up numbers and dates at times on all their publications)

 These are photocopies made from the original green colored "Service Shots" printed by the Indian Motorcycle Company and sent to it's dealers.  During this period, the Indian factory communicated to its dealers by Service Shots and Contact Points. The Contact Points were supposed to deal with sales information, and the Service Shots were supposed to deal with technical information.  This didn't always happen, but basically the Service Shots contained technical information.  This G.L. Yarocki publication is spiral bound with a laminated front and rear cover, both in full color.

United States $90.00

Canada $93.00

Western Hemisphere $96.00
(except Canada & Mexico).

Mexico $106.00

Europe $104.00

Asia & Africa $108.00

Pacific RIM $118.00

 Costs listed are in U.S. funds 
and include shipping by air

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