G.L. Yarocki Publications General Catalog



The NEW "General Catalog" now consists of 64 pages in a new 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch bound format. The entire Baer Family literature collection catalog has loads of information on Indian and Harley as well as information on 38 different makes of  American motorcycles, complete with price and ordering information.  The Baer Family Library certainly doesn't have everything, but we do list lots of items that could help you with your Antique Motorcycle restoration. 

(The First 21 Pages of this Catalog is now available online.  Click Here.)

Original literature is used for photo copying whenever possible.  When original literature is not used, it is noted in the catalog.

Besides the new online New General Catalog of the Baer Family Library, other books are also published.

United States $8.00

Canada $9.00

Western Hemisphere $9.00
(except Canada & Mexico).

Mexico $9.00

Europe $9.00

Asia & Africa $10.00

Pacific Rim $10.50

 Costs listed are in U.S. funds 
and include shipping by air

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